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Foraged Mushroom Flan

An unseasonably wet February has meant the early arrival of field mushrooms.

I used these wild field and button mushrooms (Agaricus) to make a simple flan - the trick is to use organic good quality flour (I used Ceres BioGro wholemeal roller flour) and a good quality cheese (I used Whitestone Cheese Co Aged Airedale & Totara Tasty).

The golden rule when harvesting wild mushrooms is to use a good app for identification and remember: "There are OLD mycologists and BOLD mycologists, but very few OLD & BOLD mycologists!


3 C wholemeal flour

3/4 C extra virgin olive oil

3/4 C warm water

1 teaspoon salt

Mix together and knead before rolling out thinly on baking paper.

Place on tray and completely cover with sliced mushrooms and a few lugs of extra virgin olive oil.

Top with thin slices of tasty cheese (150-180g) & chopped fresh or dried sage/thyme.

Bake in a moderate/hot oven for approx 30 min.

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