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Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry is a wonderful herbal ally to have over the coming winter months - her antiviral action has been tested extensively and has been proven to kill multiple strains of influenza. This is great news in the light of all the media coverage of "had your flu shot yet?" reminders that seem to be abundant right now.

The use of Elderberry has been shown to effectively combat the flu - both as a treatment and a preventative. The syrup is delicious and can be taken off the spoon, added to hot water as a soothing drink, or poured over Cyclops organic yoghurt. Yum..

First of all, make an Elderberry infusion:

Place 30g of dried elderberries (available from in a 1 litre preserving jar - fill to the brim with boiling water, seal and leave overnight.

The next day, make an Elderberry decoction:

Transfer to a pot and gently boil until fluid is reduced by half. Strain remaining fluid through a sieve and be sure to press the berries firmly to extract as much goodness as possible.

Finally, make an Elderberry syrup:

Add an equal amount of honey (1:1 ratio with fluid) and simmer gently until the decoction reduces further. Cool slightly and pour into a sterilised jar.

Take 1 tablespoon daily - more if needed.

For further immune support I like to add 10ml of Kiwiherb's Echiberry &1 tablespoon of Elderberry syrup to a cup of hot water for an oh-so-soothing drink..

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