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Autumn Bone Broth

Use 2 organic chicken frames - place in slow cooker  & add 2 or 3 roughly chopped cloves of garlic, onion, carrot, leek, kale & a mass of herbs from the garden.  Oh, and a teaspoon of turmeric, sea salt & ground pepper.  Fill the slow cooker to just under the brim with cold water and cook for 24 hours on low.  Once finished, cool and strain, leaving you with a broth to add into meals such as soups, casseroles, risottos and curries.  It will keep for 5 days in the fridge , or freeze into portions for later.
Autumn Bone Broth

This bone broth is useful for healing the gut and strengthening joints and bones.

Rich in collagen and gelatine, as well as vital nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and the amino acids arginine, glycine and cysteine, bone broth nourishes the body and provides the building blocks it needs.

Purchase 1 or 2 organic chicken frames from your local butcher and smash them with a mallet to break up the bones a little.

Pop in the slow cooker with garlic, onion, leek, kale, carrot and an abundance of herbs.

Add a teaspoon of turmeric, sea salt and pepper.

Fill the slow cooker to the brim with cold water, turn on low and cook for 24 hours.

Once finished, cool and strain. Add into meals such as risottos, soups, casseroles and curries, or drink hot on its own or with miso.

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