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Clinical Herbal Medicine
Holistic Nutrition
Functional Testing

Zoom appointments available at your convenience

Kia ōra, my name is Trina Delis and I have been working with people and plant medicine since I began my Naturopathic studies 30 years ago.

As one of the more experienced naturopaths in Aotearoa, I make it my business to conduct in-depth, detailed consultations with my clients. 

Your own inherent wisdom is greatly appreciated -  I listen to your health story and together we focus on developing a treatment plan that works for YOU.


During the 60 minute meeting, we will sit together and discuss your medical history, diet, supplements, level of exercise and all of the little important issues which pop up and make you the unique person you are.


I encourage each person who walks through the door to be the best they can be using the kindest and most effective supportive care. 

This may include either herbal medicine, holistic nutrition, practitioner quality supplementation or functional testing. 

I aim to get results whilst keeping things as realistic and manageable as possible, taking into account your preferences and budget.

Together we proceed slowly but surely to shift patterns in the diet, emotional self and movement - ultimately finding a way that works for YOUR individual lifestyle and habits.

Clear communication and loving support is the foundation of my work. Your confidentiality is assured and as a professional member of The New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists I abide by a strict code of ethics.


My inspiration comes from Mother Nature, and I truly believe human beings are hard-wired for all she has to offer as medicine.



I offer a comprehensive programme of natural medicine, which includes:
Clinical Herbal Medicine: evidence-based herbal treatments (many of which work alongside conventional medicine)
Holistic Nutrition: individualised nutritional assessment and guidance


Functional Testing: cutting-edge laboratory assessments of how the body is functioning at a molecular, tissue or organ level.  They can be invaluable at identifying the underlying cause of your health issues - eg biochemical, hormonal and gut flora imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, and metabolic function.

Full herbal dispensary &
Practitioner strength supplements.


Mandala-1 100mm Lime.jpg

I have been seeing Trina Delis for digestive issues, and with Trina's ongoing expert advice and product recommendations, have been some real changes that have helped me immensely. Trina is both professional and approachable and I highly recommend her services.

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