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A Summer Dessert to get you in the Spirit

As a self-proclaimed connoisseur of raw 'cheesecakes' (instead of the original version which I'm quite partial to also) I've mixed and matched several recipes and come up with this relatively easy, "almost never fail" version.

As the festive season approaches, this will be my go-to dessert and I'll swap around the fruit and topping with frozen & fresh berries in season.


1 C walnuts

1 C almonds

1 C coconut thread

1/2 C chopped dates

2 T coconut oil

Blitz ingredients in blender and press into a silicone or lined pie dish.


250g cashew nuts, soaked overnight

1 C coconut cream

1 C chopped cacao butter, melted in a double boiler

1 C maple syrup

175g frozen mango, thawed

Blend until smooth and pour onto crust. Refrigerate until firm (allow 3-4 hours)

Optional topping - Barker's Passionfruit Curd

Once the dessert is firm, remove from dish and add topping. Enjoy with friends & whanau!

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